110-19664 64 Ave

Langley, BC  V2Y 3J6


Thursday - Saturday 11am-11pm

Sunday - Wednesday 12pm-9pm

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Become an Original Camper and earn a lifetime of savings and perks. For a limited time, we are offering you a chance to become part of a select group with a lifetime of benefits.




  • A $250 Gift Card - You can choose to spend this on some sweet merchandise, or save it up and spend it on really good beer. It’s a world of possibilities.


  • A 10% Discount - What makes spending your gift card even better is the fact you’ll save 10% on all of this:

    Take Away Sales - This includes that 4 pack of new beer for the BBQ, or a growler fill to share at the campsite. That's cheaper beer...for life! Yes!

    Merchandise - That's all the Camp gear to make your buddies jealous. You're not just drinking Camp Beer, but you're wearing Camp Beer: just you'll be drier with the latter.


  • Unique Original Campers Gear - What's better than having the gear that everyone wants? It's having the gear that only you can have. This one-off collection is made just for our Original Campers. You will get an Original Camper t-shirt, cap & 64oz growler.


  • Original Campers Club Brewery Opening Event - That’s right! Other than stealing Kevin’s phone or breaking in… you will get a guided tour of the new brewery before it opens. Not only that, you’ll get to try our great beer too!


  • New Beer Releases - Just like the brewery opening, we’re going to be releasing plenty of new drops over the years (some more limited than others). You will have the first chance to try and purchase our new beer releases before anyone else.


  • Special Events - We’re planning lots of great events every year including Summer Camp (and the other seasons too), anniversaries and even Langley farm to table dinners with matched beer. You’ll get access to these events before anyone else. You’ll never miss out again.


  • Create an Original Camper Beer - What? You get your own beer? Yessir, you sure do. We’ll be tapping into our Original Campers to help create, brew, and get first access to this beer. Start saving those ideas for that beer you’ve always wanted to take camping.

    Create the Beer - We'll select one lucky Original Camper to help design a beer each time.

    Brew the Beer - Throw your hand up and be part of the few Original Campers helping Dave make it.

Original Campers Club Membership

T-Shirt Size
Hat Brim
  • We'll invite our new members to a special Original Campers Club launch event in which you will be able to pick-up all of your Original Campers Club gear, take a tour of the new brewery, taproom, and try all the new beer. 🙌