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Founded by 100% local ownership with grassroots in the homebrewing community and a strong passion for craft beer. Camp is a community-based brewery and tasting room supplying the need for better beer and quenching the thirst of craft for our friends and neighbors


We wanted to bring a relaxed casual meeting place to the Fraser Valley. With an over-sized outdoor patio and glass roll-up doors to the tasting room and brewery, we believe beer is best enjoyed outdoors.



For all that is craft

Our plan is to brew the best beer we can with creativity and a solid passion for beer.


A meeting place

An all-inclusive gathering area with the common bind of discovering new local tastes and experiences. The feeling of belonging and always being welcome. We are home.


While in the Valley

We strive to be inventive and collaborative with an ever-changing lineup of craft beverages. Whether you sit around the fire on our patio or bring a growler of our beer with you on an outing, we are about experiencing good times together.

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